Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deep Sea Diving in Oak Ridge

I've nothing to share in the way of clay today.
The past several months have been tied up in major, 
long distance family moves:
Mom and her sweetheart to a new assisted living facility in Maryland…
and a more exciting move helping my daughter, Kelsey, 
from Tennessee to Boston.

So I thought I'd fill in the creative gap with some 'throw back' artwork.

A few years ago I was asked by a leadership group to create a mural for 
The Children's Museum of Oak Ridge.

I met with a small giggle of excited children who decided on an ocean theme.
As a wannabe marine biologist, I was thrilled!
I asked each child to draw a sea creature and then 
incorporated it into the mural.
I admit the 7 year old's interpretation of Spongebob 
was one of my favorites… along with an elaborate 
zebra striped goldfish cracker.

I also decided that my rubber stamping the other 3 walls 
with bubbles was a brilliant idea.

Cool but tediously painful.

Note the fish above the left window. I painted it on foam core and
suspended it from the ceiling. I wish I could have done
an entire school of fish like that!

Spongebob below the window… standing on a coral branch.
And the zebra goldfish in the clutches of a 'glove' anemone near the corner.

This project is one of my favorites, and it came together fairly easily…
except for that minor interruption of rolling my jeep when
returning from a college visit to Indiana.
During the rain it's a notoriously slick spot on the interstate 
according to the EMT crew. 
Yes. Yes it is.
Though we landed upside down, thankfully neither Kelsey
nor I was hurt. But an aching shoulder from the seat belt
restraint limited how high on the wall I could paint for a while.
Not complaining, you understand.

Spotted grouper and cleaner shrimp… along with signature catfish.

Foam core crab hangs from the ceiling above the book shelves.

A foam core pelican diving through the ceiling for a fish.
Notice the bubbles on the wall. Crazy.

The dark and bright blue background colors are interior latex paint.
As are the bubbles.
All the other colors are Liquitex Acrylic paints.

I still have the detailed sketch with all the paint colors identified…
in case of emergency touch ups.

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  1. I recognize a photo on the wall above your workbench. : )