Saturday, May 2, 2015

Meanwhile... teacups and spoons

Bright and happy sgraffito teacups, tumblers, mug and a giggle of underglazed spoons.

I'm back, she said sheepishly.
Rather than play catch up and make excuses, let's just pretend 
it hasn't been almost a year since I posted last.
We'll just take off from here.

Spoons! These are just a touch smaller than regular teaspoons

I've been meaning to make some spoons for quite a while,
and not long ago, faced with a good looking flat of left over slabs,
I suddenly decided that the time had arrived.
What is it about inspiration that it appears out of nowhere?
I joke about the clay goddesses smiling and the stars
lining up, but seriously...  

Guido. Quality control or maybe just Guardian of the Spoons.
I'm not sure.

The next batch of spoons will be designed to hang on the wall, 
and I'm looking forward to seeing how 
the colorful, wiggly things will look.

I'm also going to experiment 
with a larger, wall-hanging size (Thanks, Christine,)
so watch this space.

Here's hoping that sudden inspiration will smack you unexpectedly
and that you run with it.

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