Sunday, December 26, 2010

Surgery and positive thoughts

I'll be out of touch for a bit as I'm having foot surgery reeaaaally early tomorrow morning.  It will probably be at least a couple weeks before I can get downstairs to the studio.  I plan on using this down time to look into setting up an etsy account, so I can sell my pottery on-line!      

I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  Here's to a Happy New Year!  

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sgraffito Dancing Vase

This flattish, slab built vase is about 13" tall with carved fish on both sides.  It's great fun to make, and I love that it looks like it's dancing.  This one sold at the Foothill Fine Craft Show last month.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow, ice, and warm fuzzies

Hmmm... it feels especially cozy this evening here on the couch with a pile of cats.  There's snow and ice outside, but we're content in the glow of the Christmas tree.  Munching a candy cane.  and feeling very grateful. 

It was a productive day... working on some Christmas orders: mugs and tumblers.  No photos yet, so I'm posting one of the fun jars I made last month. 

I'm taking a little break from the studio to relax and prop my foot up.  It's looking like surgery in early January.  Since classes at the oak ridge art center don't resume until the 19th, I'm hoping I'll be recovered enough to teach from a chair!  And maybe while I recover I can finally sit still long enough to figure out/set up an account!  

Wishing everyone a warm and happy holiday!