Monday, December 26, 2011

Custom designed mug

Here's a mug I made this past fall for a friend's husband's birthday.
It features their cats Oscar and Chloe.

Here's Oscar... complete with his dog bone name tag... chasing small animals,
one of his favorite activities.

Birthday mug in action.

The first time I made a mug like this the cat inside had longer arms.
This put his head well below the 'coffee line' which disturbed me to no end.
I couldn't bear to have his head submerged!
Now all cats have shorter arms... like Oscar above.

Chloe with her favorite toy... a catnip stuffed banana.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Kitchen Elf

Guido.  Kitchen elf extraordinaire.
It's 1:45 am Christmas eve, and I've just finished cleaning the kitchen.  We have our big turkey dinner the day before Christmas... a tradition I started about 23 years ago in order to share a relaxing day with the family opening presents and eating leftovers on Christmas day.  

Tonight I made the stuffing and a creamy crab soup. I used my favorite Karen Davis wooden spoons and a variety of lovely handmade ceramic bowls (ok, except for that blue plastic one in the photo.  It's the biggest bowl I have.)  These handmade items I use everyday... they're like friends.  I love that they don't match and that each one reminds me of where I bought it.  Maybe I was able to meet the potter.  Maybe the artist is a friend... someone I admire.  Maybe it's one of mine. They all make working in the kitchen pure joy!  

And then there's Guido.  Tonight he came in as I finished washing dishes, and he popped into the sink (he only likes a clean sink, thank you very much.)  There he kept me company... the picture of serenity.  Life is good.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wishing you joy and peace

Having my daughter, Kelsey, at home makes it an especially
bright and colorful Christmas this year.  When Tyler, my son and his wife, JP,
arrive it will be even brighter!  (Thanks Kelsey, for the great photos!)
We decided the front door needed some light and holiday cheer.
I love it... especially that 'close encounters' look about it!

Fortunately the cats have no interest in the tree
other than playing hide n seek in the fabric underneath it.

It's a gorgeous day, and I'm surrounded by bright sunshine streaming in the windows, 3 sleeping cats, all the colors that I love... and Earl da dog snoring behind the couch.  I'm supposed to be wrapping gifts and doing some emergency on-line shopping... but it's soothing and sleepy sitting in the sun.  It's the first year I can remember where I'm not done shopping yet, but I'm not freaked out about it.  I'm sure it will get done.  very nice!   
Hoping you have a lovely holiday filled with love, joy and peace...
and less freaking out.