Friday, January 21, 2011

Custom order

Alas, I'm not up and around and playing in the studio yet.  I just thought I'd post photos of the custom ordered mugs I was asked to make for Christmas.  The giftee has an orange tabby cat and a brittany spaniel.  Another fun project!

I'm still spending my days propped up on the couch with Guido and Isabella.  On Monday I will get a new cast after the doctor repositions my foot.  Then it's another 2 to 3 weeks of non-weight bearing.  I will, however, start teaching again the week of Feb 7!  I really miss my peeps, tho' I'm afraid I will have to spend the first couple weeks sitting.  It will be soooo good to be back at the art center!

Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions!  I'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Cheshire Chest

A page from my sketchbook.

In progress. The cat and fronds are the
front panel of the drawer.
Back view with niche.
The top box has been added... the curved
lid comes off.
The bisqued box with temporary
wire for the bird.

 As I'm stuck on the couch and can't play in clay yet, I thought I'd share some photos of The Cheshire Chest seen in the banner of my blog.  I learned the technique of making the working drawer and little niche at a fabulous workshop with Lana Wilson and Margaret Bohls a few years ago.  It's finished with acrylic paint, because I wanted the bright colors, and I added wooden feet.  This piece won the Award for 3 Dimensional work at a juried Open Show at the Oak Ridge Art Center in 2009.  It was one of the most fun pieces I've ever worked on.

A view with the drawer open and the top lid removed.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another view...

Isabella white toes and Guido, my constant companions.  The bit of fabric at the top left is my leg.  It's between the two cats.

Some necessary items for a day
on the couch.
It's another grey day with snow rolling in this evening. Yesterday my first post-op visit to the doctor has resulted in another lovely purple cast... alas, still non-weight bearing status!  But the good news is I no longer need any pain meds!  No more feeling so fuzzy.  Perhaps now I can work on some designs and take a few more photos.

I'm so grateful to my beautiful daughter for taking such good care of me the last 10 + days.  I'm soloing now with kind friends popping in to help now and then.  I am blessed.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

View 2 from the couch...

Isabella and I share a pillow propped on the ball pillow.

Parade on the hearth.  My ceramic zebra, a
fabric teddy, a Hugh Bailey bunny.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

View from the couch

Happy 2011 one and all!

I hope it's been a wonderful holiday and new year's... full of joy, good friends, family and many blessings.  

Since my foot surgery was on the 27th, I've spent all my time on the couch.  I'm surrounded by sketchbooks, pottery magazines, rubber stamps and colored pencils... but I find the painkillers make me a little stupid.  My creative attempts are weak. alas.  

So I'll post a few photos... views from the couch. Expect a lot of cat pix. 
Guido on lap duty.