Monday, November 11, 2013

Then… now… and in between...

It's late… which won't surprise anyone who knows me.
Yessss… a confirmed night owl.  
Even my cats are ready to go to bed before I am.

It's a lovely quiet night, and thankfully the skunks have gone 
to bother someone else.
A good time, I think, to post some random photos.

My hand built, coiled sgraffito pot recently sold at 
Bella Vista Art Gallery 
in Asheville, NC!

My beautiful, talented daughter promotes my pottery!

Guido.  Sun tiger.

Breakfast companions on the deck.

Shadows from window art….

I painted these designs in hopes that the birds
would see the glass.  It does seem to help!

Wanda Marie.  Looking sweet and peaceful.
 Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

New bowls designed with underglaze and wax resist!  
The one on the left sold at the Terra Madre Show last weekend.
But the one on the right will be at 
The Foothills Fine Crafts Show this weekend in Knoxville.

New sgraffito tea cups!
After a brief tussle the one on the right sold 
at the Terra Madre Show.
The one on the left will be leaving shortly for Planet Texas!
(Thank you, Christine!)

A new experimental piece with sgraffito decoration.  
This will be in the Foothills Show.
Carving this was interesting.  Because it takes quite a while to carve the 
intricate design, the piece began to open up a bit as it dried. 
To prevent it from opening further, I protected it with foam and sandwiched it 
between stacks of books as it finished drying.

…and the back.

Tripods ready for glaze.

Guido, Godzilla and me.

(Godzilla… a slow work in progress by my very talented son, Tyler.)


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