Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oooooo! Bella Vista Art Gallery!

It's been a ridiculously busy spring and summer, 
and I cringe at the thought that I've neglected this blog.
The part of me that rejoices in neat and ordered things wants 
to list all the ridiculously busy events I've been tied up with.  
Chronologically.  With suitable detail.  
And photos.

The other part of me wants to skip all that, jump up and down, and shriek
"I'm in a gallery in Asheville!"

Christin Zelenka and Glenn Garson of 
Bella Vista Art Gallery
selected about 15 of my sgraffito pieces for their gallery
in Biltmore Village.
I am honored and ecstatic!

My 'Cat Nap & Bones' sgraffito platter.

My large coiled and sgraffito'd vase on left.

Sgraffito'd platters, tumblers and bowls, oh my!

I hope you can pop in and check it out if you're in Asheville.
14 Lodge Street, Asheville NC  28803

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