Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How can it be November?!

Very disturbing to see that I haven't posted since August!  sigh.  
Thanks to a hot water leak in the crawl space under the kitchen/dining and laundry rooms things were a tad hectic here.  Not to mention 
the 'disturbance' to the studio downstairs.  

Welcome to Cafe Guido.... where everything that was once in the kitchen and dining room
has moved into the garage or here in the living room.  It was actually pretty
convenient having the fridge in here.  And we dined on the couch
under the tree with its lil' bitty white lights.

Before and After
A happy place once again.

Now back to the madness of prepping for 2 shows coming up
in the next 2 weeks...


  1. Jane, the place looks fantastic! Well worth the mess and inconvenience!

  2. Thanks, Rex! I still can't quite believe it. : )