Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finding my way back home...

I'm back.
Back home.  Back in the studio.  

It's been a very long summer full of stress and oddities and not enough art.

I moved my mother and her partner-in-crime to a 
retirement center 3 weeks ago and am only just finding myself again.
They chose to remain in Florida which meant driving 8 hours 
every other weekend all summer in order to help them prepare.
That's ok.  I enjoy driving, and the return trip was a time to decompress.

(And I now know where all the Starbucks are between here and there,
as well as a great Barnes and Noble for emergency audiobooks.)

Watching my mother try to process all the changes was heartbreaking.
Add to that the stress of trying to make it as easy as possible for them 
(and in a short time frame) it was... intense.

I shall be forever grateful 
(I want an uber word for grateful... it isn't strong enough)
for the help and support of dear friends and family.  
I absolutely could not have done this nor remained sane without you.
The move was a success, and I'm relieved to say that 
they are settling in well and enjoying themselves.  
Not having to cook is a particular thrill!
 The cats and I extend a very special thank you to my neighbor and co-Queen, Karen Smyth, for her loving care while I was gone.
 And Earl da dementia dog is happy to be home.

a shallow sgraffito bowl... wasabi dish for sushi?  a cookie?
jello would be fun...  

Lack of sleep and excess stress has made my occasional 
double vision problems worse.
Maybe that's why I wanted to put glasses on the cat.  

Guido, unfortunately, has discovered he reeeeaaaally likes
my studio chair.  Without chain mail gloves it is too
dangerous to remove him. 

There are 2 shows coming up in November.  The Terra Madre Show 
November 10th and then the Foothills Guild the following weekend.
I will just do the best I can.
It will be whatever it is.

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