Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tripod dishes & random thoughts

Ready to glaze a few new sgraffito tripod dishes.

I get a kick out of designing and carving these.  In part because
sgraffito (carving) forces me to loosen up... there's no erasing ; )
Everything ends up kinda quirky.
Neville the ring-tailed lemur.
I love these guys.  Couldn't have anything to do with
that black n white striped tail...

Random thoughts...

I wish I didn't crave coffee at 1am.
or that I liked decaf.

I find it odd that I often get hung up on the idea of
posting stuff in chronological order.
I sometimes hesitate to post something
(or don't post at all) because I think an earlier
event 'should' go up first.  really??!

I have the best kids.  ever.

I am not able to say the word 'mango' without smiling.
It's a funny word.

I probably shouldn't post stuff when I'm this tired.

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