Saturday, November 20, 2010


Isabella thoughtfully holds down my
sweater while Guido & Pepito snooze.

 Well, it seems there's a reason my feet hurt so badly at the Foothills Show.  Apparently the slightly stretched tendon which supports the arch of my foot objected to 3 days standing on the concrete floor.  Voila!     a nice purple cast to immobilize my foot.  Now the tendon feels great.  However, I am a total klutz at walking with a cast: sore knees, hamstring, you name it.  So I have amused myself these last 2 evenings by keeping my foot propped up while decorating the boot.  Here we have white acrylic paint, black sharpie, some sewn on beads and a couple bedazzle thingies.  Next on the list... decorating my new black cane.  I'm thinking Tim Burton stripes.  Maybe a couple polymer clay skulls to hang from the handle?  too much?   

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