Friday, November 5, 2010


Of my 4 cats and Earl da dog Guido is the most faithful studio companion.  Sometimes this is a good thing as he brings me such joy.  But sometimes we disagree on where he ought to loll about.  Here I've laid out a decoy sketchbook, so I can work in another without his assistance.  Unfortunately I forgot the pen. My favorite pen.  Clearly this look of feigned indifference is actually a challenge: grab the pen if you dare.  Since I hate getting blood on my drawings... I opted for a pencil instead.  


  1. Never argue with a cat. You can occasionally win a canine argument, but cats will always wait patiently for their revenge... I guess you should just sketch Guido in your sketchbook with the pencil he has determined you will use.

    Just go with it. Stop struggling. See my post November 8th!

  2. You are correct, of course. I will buy another favorite pen so both sketchbooks have their own. Wish I could sleep with one eye open...