Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cats in the Garden

Coil-built white stoneware with sgraffito decoration.

Just under the wire I have successfully submitted these
photos to the Arts & Cultural Alliance in Knoxville
for their National Juried Exhibition.

No telling how many times I actually sent the entry form.
I had help.  And this time it wasn't one of my cats...
it was my daughter Kelsey's Amelie who, with pin 
point accuracy, leapt onto the laptop
and deleted (or sent) the form.  Twice.

My goal is to enter more shows and competitions,
and though I now have a decent photo set-up
there is still so much to learn about
the photography end of this biz.

If you'd like to see a pic of this bowl during 
the carving stage click on April in the 2012 archive 
to the right of this post. 
Guido is helping.

Wish me luck! 

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