Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's the little joys...

My new key holder and favorite Mike Quon illustration.


Here's my happy solution to having a loose key in the studio.  
No longer must I fumble around in a little bowl for
the key to the studio/patio door whenever 
Earl da dog wants in or out.
Bonus... the bird is also a whistle! 
This would be perfect for signaling Earl da dog 
to come in... if he weren't so deaf.

and now... back to work.


  1. Love it! Also love the Quon piece. Our studios become quite the depositories for odd little inspirations, don't they?!?

  2. Yes! My studio is controlled chaos... on the walls especially.
    I think I have all 12 chinese zodiac signs by Quon. I'm thinking I should rotate them. I just love the energy in his brushwork!