Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another cat in the kiln

New cat in the kiln.  I did an extra powerful dance as the kiln clicked on tonite.  I'm afraid it may need all the good juju it can get!  For some reason when I made this cat I decided to attach the tongue to the paw.  Since clay shrinks as it fires there is a very real possibility that his tongue won't be stuck to his paw anymore or it will be but just not stuck to his mouth.  eww.   

There has been a little news from my family in Japan.  It's possible that they will be moving south for a while... getting as far away as possible from the power plant.  I am so grateful they are safe and together and sad that they may never be able to return to their home. Please continue to keep everyone in your heart.   


  1. I love this piece. The handles look like someone with their hands on their hips and a cat resting on their head! Oh wait...that could be just an LSD flashback.

  2. Hey, I love that idea... people pots with cats on their heads! I think you're on to something. Or just ON something.